Think Medical Group (TMG) bridging medical supply chains, accredited and due to our vast knowledge and network we are able to provide the best medical solutions at an inconvenient time in history.

A group like minded individuals formed the Thiink Group of Companies. As a group Thiink LLC is dedicated to allocating all the available production lines to USA First responders, Medical and Hospitals. TMG helps production line management and financing from a legal standpoint, we know the market has its fair share of issues related to supply and sale of PPE commodities. Thiink Legal allows us the ability to perform as an international PPE corporate supplier.


Global P.P.E sales and procurement specialists

We have integrated Gen 6 into our technology, assisting with the acquisition and management of PPE supply chains, options include BOL, bid or buy OTG stock and secure supply chains. We also provide OEM abilities with FDA Medical 2 Certifications, due to the stringent supply requirements we have established. We Streamline the financial aspects of this volatile market, we offer underwriting services, Provide Bonded warehouse facilities with International Financial Options through our AAA partners.

Test Kits

Select from our Accredited PCR rapid test kits

Face Masks

We offer a wide range of superior quality face mask solutions to suit all your protective needs.


Experience our range of premium top quality protective gloves, confidently tackle your tasks with the piece of mind that your gloves are tough and reliable.


Our technologically advanced products ensure total protection against many pathogens and have been specifically test proven to kill Covid-19. We combine science and physics to provide long lasting protection in a wide range of applications.


Our Services

TMG Services
  • Sales and Supply of P.P.E products.
  • P.P.E procurement.
  • Legal support and advice.
  • Complete Sanitization solutions.
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